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Accused of cheating by gaining an academic advantage? Defense tips from a lawyer for students.

What is considered gaining an academic advantage?

Most colleges believe that any action that puts you in a better position than other students is gaining an academic advantage. This means that some of the following could fall under this category:

  • Being absent for a test and asking a friend what was on it
  • Having someone else edit a paper or your homework
  • Working with another person to complete assigned work

How do I prove I wasn’t purposely absent on exam day?

If you believe the professor does not have any other evidence to support the cheating accusation, bring a note from a doctor with you. If you were sick and stopped by the health clinic then this could be one way of proving your innocence.

Can you help me fight a charge of cheating by gaining an academic advantage?

Yes. Asselta Law P.A. helps students all over the country defend against academic integrity and honor code violations. Richard Asselta assists students using his nearly 20 years as an attorney combined with a specialized knowledge of the university disciplinary process to help students achieve positive results.

I tried to defend myself and lost the academic hearing. Can you help me appeal?

Yes. Mr. Asselta writes appeals for students facing academic sanctions like a failing course grade, notation on transcripts, suspension, and even expulsion from school. Writing a winning student appeal takes an attorney with experience.

Can you help all college students that need a college suspension appeal?

Yes. Mr. Asselta works with students all over the country who are facing discipline in college.

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