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An Innovator In The Field of Student Conduct And Academic Integrity Defense

Over a decade ago, Richard realized that the manner in which college conduct and academic integrity were conducted revealed a deeply flawed system. Schools relied on poorly written, confusing procedures, often failing to follow their own policies. Students, facing these accusations with no prior experience in how to do so, were expected to navigate these complex hearings and appeals without guidance. Despite being labeled “non-adversarial,” these hearings felt like a stacked deck, pitting students against a roomful of questioning faces, often including their professors.

Witnessing this imbalance fueled Richard’s passion to empower students. He embarked on a mission to educate them about student conduct and academic integrity practices. Through countless blog posts, engaging videos, and speaking with thousands of students and parents, he became a leading voice in this critical area.

Over the past ten years, Richard has championed the rights of students and parents across the US and a dozen other countries, including those attending American universities abroad. His vast experience encompasses virtually every accusation and fact pattern, equipping him to provide exceptional  representation and advice to his clients. This translates to hundreds of students who have been able to preserve their academic records and pursue their dreams of attending medical, law, or other graduate programs.

Richard’s impact goes far beyond individual cases. Leveraging his 25 years of legal expertise and unwavering advocacy, he has prompted colleges and universities to correct errors in their handbooks, impacting countless students.

Richard personally tailors each case strategy to the individual student. He prioritizes clear communication, ensuring clients feel understood and empowered throughout the process. As Richard emphasizes, the right advisor can significantly improve a student’s chances of success, so choose an advocate with the knowledge, experience, and dedication to fight for you.

Today, Richard Asselta remains a leader in the world of student defense. The field he helped shape and brought attention to is now a recognized specialty. But for Richard, the reward lies beyond professional accolades. He sees his success in the countless students who received a second chance, the fairer systems implemented, and the growing recognition that a mistake shouldn’t derail a young person’s future. Richard is here to fight for you.  Contact his office today for a free consultation.