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Protecting The Reputations And Livelihoods Of Devoted Educators

Last updated on May 3, 2024

It has perhaps never been harder to be a teacher than it is today. In addition to limited salaries, teachers must contend with nearly constant public scrutiny and criticism from students and parents alike – sometimes with little to no support from school administrators. In this highly visible profession, rumors and accusations can destroy careers.

If you are a Florida teacher/professor facing accusations of professional or personal misconduct from your school district, the Florida Department of Education or your college or university, you shouldn’t face this crisis alone. Instead, seek the help of an experienced education law attorney like Richard Asselta of Asselta Law P.A.

Fighting For Teachers On All Fronts

Mr. Asselta has been practicing law for more than 20 years. As such, he is ready to help you weather nearly any professional crisis, including issues such as:

  • Allegations of personal misconduct (including private social media posts, substance abuse, lying or omitting information on applications, etc.)
  • Allegations that you abused/assaulted one or more students
  • Allegations that you were involved in an inappropriate romantic or sexual relationship with a student
  • Allegations that you failed to properly supervise students
  • Challenging and appealing the receipt of a Notice of Reasons denying you a teaching certificate
  • Accusations of academic/scholarly misconduct regarding research and other professional accomplishments
  • Protecting your due process rights in employment matters
  • Ensuring that a bad outcome or disciplinary decision at one school does not derail your entire career

Attorney Asselta has a long history of helping teachers facing unfair or wrongful charges and accusations. That’s one of the primary reasons he has devoted his practice to education law.

Filling An Important Gap In Educator Representation

For better and sometimes worse, many teachers in Florida are union members. As such, they have access to a union-provided attorney when facing accusations or charges. But private-pay teachers often have no such protection.

Attorney Asselta does not work with unions but instead represents individual educators who otherwise have limited legal options or would rather have the assistance of a private attorney instead of one assigned by the unions. If you are in such a situation, Asselta Law P.A. may be the firm for you.

Contact A Trusted And Highly Experienced Attorney Today

Based in Plantation, Asselta Law P.A. serves educators throughout the state of Florida. To discuss your case during a free initial consultation, email the firm or call 855-338-5299.