Can a student be suspende…

Can a student be suspended or expelled for something that happened off-campus? A lawyer answers.

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Selling drugs, bringing a knife, a gun, or other weapon, as well as fighting on a school campus, can lead to a suspension or expulsion. However, many students may not realize that their behavior off-campus can lead to a suspension or expulsion too.

Can a student get in trouble if they use drugs off-campus?

If a student smokes marijuana or drinks alcohol off school campus they can still face discipline. Some programs require drug testing and if your results come back positive, you can face suspension or expulsion from school.

Can a student get in trouble if they fight someone off-campus?

Yes. If a student is arrested for assault off-campus, this may be reported to the school. Additionally, if you get into a fight or other altercation at a school sponsored event (sports game, social mixer, etc.), even if it happened off-campus, you may still face disciplinary charges.

Can a student get in trouble for social media posts or text messages?

Yes. Making a remark that can be construed as threatening or bullying can lead to an investigation and disciplinary action by the school.

Can you help me defend a suspension or expulsion from school for something that happened off-campus?

Yes. I help students all over the county defend school disciplinary charges.

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