Take Charge Of Your Reputation At School

Are you a student charged with violating your school’s academic integrity or conduct code? Are you a Florida teacher facing misconduct accusations? Asselta Law P.A. can help you clear the slate.

Serving students and teachers throughout Florida and across the nation.

Education Law Practice

Student Defense

Asselta Law P.A.’s attorney represents K-12 and college/university students accused of cheating, academic integrity violations, code of conduct offenses and Title IX-related charges, as well as those with conflicts relating to grades, residency status and more.

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Teacher Defense

The firm represents Florida teachers who are facing administrative or certification challenges related to misconduct or other allegations of unacceptable behavior.

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Too Much Is Riding On Your Defense To Choose Anyone Else

When your academic reputation has been questioned, the stakes can be critical, both right now and in the future. As a student, you may be facing suspension, expulsion or academic probation. A serious allegation left unchallenged on your school record can lock you out of graduate school, scholarship opportunities or even a job offer. If you’re a teacher, one serious charge against you can end your career as an educator and follow you around for years, making a fresh start a virtual impossibility.

Richard Asselta, founder of Asselta Law P.A., helps teachers, parents and students with a variety of education-related issues. He focuses his practice entirely on education law, which means you will receive guidance from an attorney who is always up to date on educational procedures and legal cases. His goal is to prepare you to achieve the best outcome possible in your case.

Photo of Richard Asselta
Richard Asselta

An Attorney With Drive, Dedication And Empathy

Attorney Asselta integrates two legal experiences to provide clients with strategic guidance when navigating school hearings and appeal boards. He began his career at a firm that handled highly complex and technical federal criminal matters. Later, he worked for 10 years as an attorney for a large public school district. This provided him with an insider’s view of educational proceedings. Together, both positions honed his skills in discovery, attention to detail and how to shape a compelling legal argument.

Even in cases where a student or teacher must represent themselves before an administrative board or another entity, Richard Asselta works behind the scenes with his clients. He evaluates the case against his client, builds strategies that challenge the school’s accusations and coaches them on the most effective way to defend their rights. He also never views his clients as mere case files; he cares about each one as a person and helps them fight for the goals that matter most to them.

Hire An Experienced Attorney To Preserve Your Reputation And Your Rights

What Clients Say

“Our son attends an Ivy League college and was accused by his professor of cheating on one of his exams. We hired Mr. Asselta and he prepared a full defense for our son.  A few hours after the hearing we got the decision that our son had won! We could not be more thankful for all the hard work Mr. Asselta did on our son’s case.”

My son was accused of cheating during an online exam and a panel found him responsible. After reading about Richard and speaking to him we hired him to write our son’s appeal. Richard was direct and to the point, and outlined what the best arguments would be to give us the best shot of winning. My son’s appeal was successful, and his conviction was overturned. We could not have done that without Richard’s help.”

We searched for an attorney who could help our daughter who was facing a conduct hearing. After reading about Mr. Asselta and watching his videos we called him for a consultation and hired him to help our daughter get ready for her hearing. Our daughter was found innocent on all charges and we know it was due to Mr. Asselta’s”

“I am a teacher who was notified by the Florida Department of Education that an investigation had been opened against me. Mr. Asselta was recommended by a colleague, so I called him. When it came time to respond to the allegations, Mr. Asselta dissected the state’s investigation and prepared an incredible rebuttal. Mr. Asselta called me to let me know that the Department of Education had decided to no longer pursue the case. I truly believe that Mr. Asselta saved my career and for that I will remain forever grateful”

“Our daughter was caught up in a cheating scandal involving most of her class. We knew she needed help. Thankfully we spoke to Richard. Richard really knew what he was doing and was very experienced in university conduct hearings. Richard was responsive and made himself available. He worked with our daughter to help prepare her presentation to the honor counsel. He attended the hearing with our daughter and advised her during the hearing. Our daughter was the only one who has prevailed, and we have no doubt it was due to Mr. Asselta’s incredible skill”

Trust Asselta Law P.A. with your case. No other firm has Richard Asselta’s combination of experience and success.