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Offering Experienced Representation In A Wide Variety Of Education Law Matters

Asselta Law P.A. is a firm exclusively devoted to education law, led by an attorney with more than two decades of experience. Mr. Asselta is ready to advocate for you or your student on nearly any serious education matter, including:

  • Defending college students against accusations of personal misconduct (including preventing expulsion or other disciplinary measures)
  • Defending college students against accusations of academic misconduct such as plagiarism, cheating and violations of the school’s honor code
  • Helping students in grades K-12 challenge or appeal suspension and expulsion decisions
  • Resolving legal issues that arise in public, private or charter schools
  • Challenging the decision to unfairly charge out-of-state tuition
  • Challenging a grade in a class that is crucial to the student’s future plans
  • Matters related to student records and privacy

Today’s educational environment is so competitive that an unresolved problem can lock a student out of future scholarship money, lead to suspension or expulsion from their current school, prevent them from getting into a graduate school of their choosing, or even close off entire career paths. Mounting a vigorous defense – with the help of an experienced attorney – is the only way to ensure this isn’t a problem later.

Although the firm most often represents college and graduate students facing academic or conduct-related accusations, Mr. Asselta is also ready to resolve issues in the K-12 system. And representation is not limited to cases in Florida. Mr. Asselta works with clients throughout the United States.

Providing Thorough Preparation And Representation

Whenever possible, Mr. Asselta will directly represent you in a disciplinary hearing or another formal proceeding. In cases where legal counsel is not allowed to participate, however, he will still ensure that you are fully prepared to offer the strongest arguments in your own defense.

Free Consultations Available – Contact The Firm Today

To learn more about how Asselta Law P.A. can help you or your student, contact the firm to arrange your free initial consultation. Simply call 855-338-5299 or reach out via email.