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College and University Academic Integrity Misconduct and Disciplinary Hearings

College and graduate students can be brought before academic or professionalism committees for a number of reasons. Many times these reasons involve academic disputes or disciplinary charges. Attorney Richard Asselta draws on his more than 20 years of experience as a trial and appellate attorney to assist you in your academic and disciplinary hearing throughout the United States. Richard Asselta has handled cases of academic or disciplinary disputes and appeals involving:

  • Accusations of plagiarism and cheating, honor code and golden rule violations
  • Unsatisfactory internship reviews
  • Accusations of unfair treatment by students against teachers or professors
  • Computer crimes by students accused of “hacking” into school computers
  • Accusations of stalking and harassment
  • Dismissals based on failing grades or failing clinical assignments
  • Dismissals based on missing dissertation deadlines

Don’t Wait To Seek Legal Help

Higher education is a society unto itself. The outcome of a disciplinary hearing at one school can have major ramifications for your future at that school and can negatively impact opportunities you may be seeking elsewhere. That’s why you should never go into one of these hearings without the advice and counsel of an experienced education law attorney.

Mr. Asselta will do all he can to ensure that your good name is restored and that the consequences you face are minimized. If your case initially proves unsuccessful, he is also prepared to vigorously represent your interests during the appeals process.

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