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National College Student Defense Adviser

At Asselta Law P.A., attorney Richard Asselta advises students nationally involved in disciplinary hearings and facing claims of academic misconduct. Richard has successfully guided students to defend against accusations of plagiarism and cheating avoiding suspension and expulsion from school.

Richard has had significant success in the numerous student conduct committee hearings and appeals he has assisted in. Several cases Richard has advised on involving academic dishonesty have been overturned and the students avoided discipline. Richard also has a track record of success with students facing suspensions and expulsions from schools all over the country.

Recent national student defense successes include:

  • Student attending Ivy League university facing a hearing on academic misconduct for cheating found not responsible and no sanctions imposed.
  • Doctoral student dismissal from program overturned on appeal and student fully reinstated into the program.
  • Student found guilty of academic misconduct and dismissed from school. Richard negotiated withdrawal from the university without a mark of discipline on their transcripts.
  • Doctoral student dismissed from program and school failed to make accommodations for their disability. Appeal was successful and the dismissal reversed. Student was reinstated.
  • Doctoral student dismissed from online program due to failing to meet dissertation deadlines. Appeal was successful and overturned the dismissal which lead to immediate reinstatement and new dissertation deadlines.
  • Negotiated reinstatement into a competitive doctoral program after a student was dismissed for failing to meet GPA requirements.
  • Student attending competitive university was academically suspended for attendance and GPA violation. Decision was reversed on appeal and the student was reinstated immediately.
  • Master’s student found guilty of plagiarism. Appeal was successful and the charge was reversed. Student faced no disciplinary action.
  • Doctoral student expelled from school and was successfully negotiated back in with a lesser penalty.

University hearings are unique and each school has its own student driven process. These disciplinary processes are extremely time sensitive. It is important to have an experienced professional who understands the procedures and best defense approaches to take. This may be your only shot at a defense. Don’t be dismissed or suspended from school.

Attorney Richard Asselta draws on his nearly 20 years of experience as a trial and appellate attorney to assist you in your college hearing or appeal throughout the United States. Call Call or fill out a contact request. Reach out to Richard Asselta today for a free consultation and find out how he will fight for your future. Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard on Avvo, a lawyer review website.