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Why Choose Asselta Law

The Fight For Justice And Standing Up For The Individual Is A Noble Calling

Attorney Richard Asselta sees justice and standing up for the individual as a noble calling. As a student defense lawyer, Mr. Asselta fights for students of any age. He helps students navigate through the maze of issues that can arise in the public or private schools, including K-12, college, graduate, vocational and technical schools.

Make no mistake, advocating to make certain that a student is treated fairly during an academic or conduct process, or preparing an appeal for a student is important, demanding, requires an understanding of education law and requires someone who has vast experience handling student conduct and disciplinary cases.

More Than 20 Years Of Experience

Attorney Richard Asselta has been fighting for his clients for more than 20 years. During his career, Mr. Asselta has litigated and tried jury trials and prepared appellate briefs and post-conviction motions involving complex and sophisticated issues before numerous state, federal and administrative courts. Mr. Asselta was the lawyer for a large public school district dealing with special education issues, bullying and harassment, disciplinary and privacy matters, and hearings before administrative courts and school boards. He now uses the experience gained from the other side of the table to effectively represent clients as a student disciplinary defense attorney throughout the United States.

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