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Appealing College Sanctions After Discovering New Evidence

Last updated on May 6, 2024

What is a student disciplinary appeal?

A college disciplinary appeal is a student’s last chance at reversing a finding of responsibility from a hearing. Appealing the decision gives the student an opportunity to have another staff member review the case.

What should I write about in my student disciplinary appeal?

The best answer is, that it depends. You must review the University policies regarding student appeals. They are typically limited to a few categories. Procedural errors, new evidence, and harshness of sanction.

What is the “new evidence” student appeal category?

This is if you discovered evidence that was not available or known at the time of the hearing. This could include:

  • Unknown witnesses
  • Discovery of documents that could cast doubt on the university’s claims
  • Diagnosis of a medical issue that existed but was unknown

It is important to remember that new evidence is not evidence you knew about or could have used during your hearing but for whatever reason decided not to use that information.

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