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Are You Experiencing Issues With A Charter School?

According to the Florida Department of Education, charter schools are a free and chosen alternative to traditional public schools. Charter schools are normally privately owned, independently run institutions that must abide by certain rules and regulations set by the school district in which they are located.

Because of their public/private nature, legal matters with them can be complicated. Thankfully, Asselta Law P.A. has the skill and experience to help you find the best resolution available.

What Are Charter Schools?

Charter schools aren’t well understood by most people. Although they are publicly funded and nonsectarian in nature, they are free from many of the regulations that traditional public schools are required to abide by. They must provide educational services comparable to what students would receive in a district public school, but many charter schools are built around a unique theme or educational philosophy. They are expected to achieve both academic results and sound fiscal practices in order to continue operating but have considerable latitude in how those goals are achieved.

How The Firm Can Help You

Asselta Law P.A. is one of the few Florida law firms dedicated to education law issues, including issues with charter schools. Whether you are a parent of a student facing problems or a teacher employed by a charter school, the firm can assist you in all civil and administrative legal matters.

Regardless of whether you are facing issues in Hillsborough County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County or Orange County, Florida, school law attorney Richard Asselta provides representation to clients throughout the state. Mr. Asselta will provide you knowledgeable and aggressive representation to pursue the best possible outcome in your legal matter.

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