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Tuition And Residency Appeals For College Students

Students who are residents of the state in which they attend a public college or university qualify for a lower tuition rate than out-of-state students. In Florida, the difference between these two amounts can be significant.

Students first must request the college or university to recognize them as an in-state resident by submitting an application which must include a number of required documents. The application and supporting documents are then examined by the college or university to see if the students has met the various requirements as outlined by law. If a student who submits an application for in-state tuition has their application denied, the college or university offers students a time period in which they can appeal the initial decision denying them in-state tuition and residency status.

Asselta Law P.A. helps students who are denied in-state tuition status by a Florida college or university appeal that decision. Many times, when denying a student in-state tuition residency status, the college or university will not tell the student the reason they were denied. Mr. Asselta applies his years of experience in appellate work and handling in-state residency to appeals to first help identify the reasons why the college or university denied the student’s request. Then, we develop the facts and apply those facts to the various sources of law in Florida that governs in-state tuition in crafting an effective argument. A successful an appeal in getting the decision reversed can result in potentially tens of thousands of dollars difference in tuition money over the course of the student’s time in college.

If you find yourself in this situation, there is a limited amount of time in which the student ca file an appeal. We encourage you to call 855-338-5299 or email using our contact form to see if Mr. Asselta can help you achieve in-state tuition status.