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Accused of selling or trading old course material online? Defense tips from a lawyer for students.

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I would like to talk to you about websites or other services that offer you money or free tutoring in exchange for you uploading old course materials. Whether it is notes, assignments, old tests or quizzes.

Is this considered a violation of you universities academic integrity code? The answer is yes.

Why can't I share my old class materials with others?

You have to be very careful with these websites. I have had several students come to me all with a similar story. They log on and want to take advantage of free tutoring or even make a little money. So the website will tell them if you upload so many pages you will get either free tutoring or money. The student unknowingly believes that trading or selling their work is fine. They may think that it was work that they did so it belongs to the them. However, it is often a violation of the universities intellectual property codes because it is the professors work. If you upload a professors work without their consent, you may be in violation of your schools honor code.

Facilitating academic dishonesty

This is another term that schools use in the academic integrity code that incorporates sharing old course materials. You may think that you didn't intend to help anyone cheat, so this couldn't possible apply to you. However, schools do not see it that way. The university views these violations as serious.

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Richard Asselta is an award-winning student defense lawyer who offers college student defense advising services throughout the United States. He is experienced in defending all types of college disciplinary issues.

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