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Accused of an academic integrity violation? Defense tips from a lawyer for students.

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What is considered an academic integrity violation?

Universities have different categories of academic integrity violations. The most common types include:

What should I do if accused of academic dishonesty?

Start saving documents related to the charge. Your syllabus, assignment or test details, witness statements, anything that will help you build a defense. Academic violations can take a while to get to a disciplinary hearing. The more time that lapses between the charge and your hearing can make compiling evidence in your favor difficult.

What can a defense attorney for students do to help?

The academic integrity process can be scary for students. There are typically several steps and deadlines that students must meet. I recommend involving a lawyer for students early in the process.

Do I need a lawyer for students to help in the academic integrity process?

I have seen colleges charge students with academic integrity violations with little to no evidence. I have seen schools move forward with charges and find students guilty with nearly no proof they did anything wrong. A lawyer for students can help build a defense and minimize the impact of charges.

Can you help me defend an honor code violation?

Yes. I assist students all over the United States defend against cheating, plagiarism, and other honor code violations. My expertise in the college disciplinary process gives each student the best chance for success.

Richard Asselta is a student defense lawyer who fights for students facing academic integrity and honor code violations throughout the United States.

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