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Denied in-state tuition? Appeal the decision. Tips from a lawyer for university students.

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2018

You received your acceptance letter to the state university of your dreams. It is the perfect balance – living away from home yet still a car ride away if you needed your family. Suddenly, you receive a denial for in-state tuition. How could this be? You have lived in the state for a while and consider it your home. What can you do when a state university denies a student residency for tuition? Read on for tips from a lawyer for college students.

Can I appeal an in-state tuition denial?

Yes. State universities are public and have duty to give all students a chance to appeal decisions. This appeal process also applies to tuition disputes.

Where can I find the university appeal process?

Appealing a university decision requires the student to look up the policy and procedures related to the issue. For in-state tuition disputes, student should first refer to their student handbook. Alternatively, ask the person who denied your tuition application. They should be able to tell you the paperwork and process necessary to appeal the decision.

What should I write about in the residency appeal?

Universities clearly outline the requirements for students to meet the in-state tuition guidelines. A tuition appeal should highlight why the documents you gave the university meet their own requirements. You may be saying, “I have done this and given them everything plus more!” You are not alone. I have had numerous students and families contact me because their state schools are refusing the accept the documents that prove residency. Even though the school may be refusing the documents, it should not stop you from appealing.

Advice from a lawyer for university students

If you are facing a residency tuition appeal, hire an experienced lawyer to write it for you. Your appeal is typically the last chance you get at making your case for receiving in-state tuition. I have not only written the residency appeals, but also contacted the university legal counsel. This has lead to greater clarification and direction for the student on what to include in the appeal and even positive outcomes overall.

Can you help all university students facing residency disputes?

Yes. I work with students all over the United States submit well written appeals of university decisions. Be careful of how long you take to start the appeal process. Preparing an appeal can take time but the process moves quickly. The quicker you get a lawyer for university students involved, the better your chances at success. Richard Asselta is an award-winning lawyer who assists university students in residency and in-state tuition disputes. Call Asselta Law today for a free consultation. 855-338-5299 Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.