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Can a university charge you with an honor code violation after graduating? The answer from a defense attorney for students.

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019

It has been reported in the news that colleges are investigating students for lying on college applications after they have graduated. Colleges are also investigating reports of cheating in courses after a student has graduated. Can a college take away your degree after you graduate? Read on for the answer from a defense attorney for students.

Can my university accuse me of an honor code violation after graduation?

Yes. If your school receives information that you may have violated the honor code, you can still face the academic integrity process. This means that if you lied on your college application or cheated in a course, your degree may be on the line.

I already have a job in my degree field, if my university takes my degree, will that affect me?

Yes. If the university suspects that you committed an honor code violation, they can start the academic hearing process. This means that you will have to defend the charge of falsification, cheating, or other code of conduct violations. You cannot just ignore the process; the university can rescind your degree.If your degree is rescinded and you have a job that requires it, you may lose your position.

I did not lie on my college application or commit another honor code violation; how can I defend myself?

The process alumni face is the same that a current student will face. Each university is different but generally speaking, there will be an investigation into the incident and a committee hearing held. You must be prepared with a solid defense to the allegations in order to protect your degree.

Can you help me build a defense against my university taking back my degree?

Yes. I help students all over the country build successful defenses to all types of code of conduct violations.

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