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Facing a School Disciplinary or Academic Hearing? Bring a Lawyer – Here’s Why

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2017

Students invest a lot of money and time into getting a diploma. However, several things can happen along the way. If you are accused of cheating, plagiarism, or facing dismissal or expulsion for other reasons, you will have a chance to defend yourself. You will have to appear before an academic or disciplinary appeal panel and defend yourself. The finding in this hearing can impact your entire school and professional career. Bring an education lawyer with academic and disciplinary hearing experience. Here is why.

You will go before a disciplinary or academic integrity panel

This panel is made up of professors, students, and other college staff. During this hearing you will be questioned by all of the panel members. I have seen these questions become confrontational and damaging to the student. An experienced education lawyer can not only support the student during the hearing, but defend the student against inappropriate questions by the panel.

Are the findings of the disciplinary or academic integrity panel final?

Yes. The findings of this panel can directly lead to expulsion or dismissal from school. Some schools allow the students one final appeal to the dean of the program. However, in most cases, the dean just upholds the panel’s decision.

My school says I can’t bring a lawyer to the hearing – can I still hire lawyer?

Yes. Some schools say that you cannot bring an attorney to these hearings but students are allowed to bring an adviser. I have acted in an advisory capacity several times and worked with the students from all over the Unite States behind the scenes prior to the hearing. An experienced and proactive education lawyer will help a student craft their defense from day one, not just appear at a hearing on the day of with no preparation.

Are there other options besides bringing an attorney to the hearing?

Yes. I have worked with countless students behind the scenes. I craft their entire defense and even prepare students for possible panel questions. I have had several successful students who have chosen this route.Even though a student may choose to appear without an education attorney, I still prepare them for success. I prepare each student who is appearing before an academic or disciplinary panel the same way I prepare witnesses for a trial. Very thoroughly. The easiest part about the preparation is that I can do this all over the phone. This allows me to prepare, coach, and work with students on their schedule and from a distance.

An Experienced Education Lawyer’s recommendation

Consult with an education law attorney experienced in defending academic and disciplinary charges immediately. There are strict time limitations for preparation. Your academic and professional career is on the line.You only get once chance to fight the charges. Make your appeal and hearing defense the best it can be.Click here to read about our disciplinary hearing process and here for our defense of students facing dismissal from college. Richard Asselta is an award-winning education lawyer who offers student defense services to students in colleges all over the United States. Call The Education Lawyers today and we will fight to protect your future. 855-338-5299 Click here to read what client’s are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.