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What should a student do if they are accused of self-plagiarism in college? The answer from an attorney for students.

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What is self-plagiarism?

This is taking work that you have previously completed and turning it in to another class.

Do I need to cite myself?

Yes. If you use a portion of your previous work, you must cite yourself.

Can I submit my old paper for a new assignment, it is my original work?

Not without the professors permission. I have worked with students from undergraduate programs to doctoral students who have reused their old work and ended up in trouble. Even if you think it is acceptable, I always recommend you ask the professor to be sure.

What should I do if a professor accuses me of self-plagiarism?

Read your student handbook - find out what the policy on submitting work twice is.

Check your handbook for the honor code or academic integrity policy. This will tell you what you may face in terms of sanctions.

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