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Are you a school employee accused of failing to report abuse? Defense tips from a lawyer.

School employees face challenges every day. They work with students and build trusting relationships with them. There may be times that teachers or administrators suspect a child is being abused. There is an outlined process for reporting abuse and neglect, but what happens when a school employee does not follow the protocol?

What does failure to report suspected abuse or neglect of a student mean?

At the beginning of the school year, school employees are trained in reporting suspected abuse and neglect. The reporting procedure is the same; the employee who suspects the abuse or neglect must report it. However, school employees may forget the correct reporting procedure and be accused of failing to report.

What if I told my supervisor that I believed there was abuse or neglect?

While reporting to administration that you believe there is an abuse or neglect situation seems correct, that is not the correct process. Notification to administration is often after the employee who suspects it calls the Department of Children and Families.

What if the student has made accusations before that were not true?

While this may be, it is not your decision to investigate or determine whether the accusation has merit. Your responsibilities and obligations are to call and report.

What will happen if a school employee is accused of failing to report abuse or neglect?

You may face discipline at both the district and state level. It is important to defend yourself against these allegations. Even if you made a mistake and did not follow reporting procedures, you may still be able to negotiate the discipline.

What if I did report abuse or neglect but am being accused of not doing it fast enough?

Asselta Law P.A. has represented school employees facing this issue. There may be defenses based on the specific facts of your case.

Can you help all Florida school employees facing discipline?

Yes. Asselta Law P.A. works with school employees all over Florida. Richard Asselta has experience working with all school districts and the Florida Department of Education to successfully defend teachers and school staff facing discipline against their certificate.

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