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Steps For SAT Scores Under Review

What happens when your SAT score is under review? A defense lawyer for students answers.

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If your score is marked “under review” by College Board, you have four options. In this video, Richard Asselta talks about just one of the four: sending documentation to support your score and establish validity.

I want College Board to release my score. What documents should I send to prove that I earned my SAT score?

You will need to send information that demonstrates you did not cheat or allow someone else to cheat off you. You can start by requesting any documents College Board is using to question your SAT score. This can include:

  • Seating charts
  • Testing booklets (both yours and whoever else they believe cheated)
  • Answer sheets (both yours and whoever else they believe cheated)
  • Proctor statements
  • Statistical analysis report that indicates wrong to right answer changes
  • Reports that indicate answer sheet similarities between test takers

Should I write a letter to College Board to accompany my supportive documents?

Yes. It is strongly suggested that you comb through the documents College Board sends you and set forth arguments that prove your score is valid. Additionally, you should also send documents of your own to support your claims. These can include:

  • Letters of character
  • Proof of utilizing a preparation course
  • Study books used
  • Transcripts
  • Guidance counselor statement
  • Statement from your tutor
  • Test preparation study schedule
  • And anything else that shows the preparation you went through to earn your score.

What should I say in my letter to College Board?

Start by going through the College Board documents and then your evidence. Write exactly how each document supports the validity of your SAT score. Organize your arguments from strongest to weakest and use headings to make the presentation appear organized.

Can you help me write my SAT score appeal to College Board?

Yes. Asselta Law P.A. helps students all over the country write letters establishing score validity on the SAT. Using my skills as an appellate attorney, Richard Asselta writes clear arguments setting forth the evidence that supports your score validity.

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Richard Asselta is a student defense attorney. Using nearly 20 years of legal experience, he works with students all over the country facing ACT and SAT score reviews and validation issues. Call now for a free consultation. Click here to read client reviews of Richard on Avvo, a lawyer review website.