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What should a Florida teacher do if accused of FSA or EOC test administration misconduct?

Florida teachers are often required to help administer FSA or EOC tests. Administering these tests can put a teacher at risk if they aren’t careful.

What types of issues could cause a teacher to face accusations of test misconduct?

  • Giving too much or too little time
  • Helping students outside of what the test administration manual allows
  • Pointing to answers
  • Telling a student to check their answers

What can happen to a teacher if accused of helping students on an FSA or EOC test?

The Florida Department of Education takes these accusations seriously. Many teachers have been told they will face at a minimum a suspension. If you face an accusation of helping students on a standardized test, contact Asselta Law P.A. immediately. Richard Asselta is experienced in defending teachers at the district, state, and in administrative hearings. Call 855-338-5299.