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Attorneys And Adviser Honor Code Academic Hearings

Bring An Attorney To Adviser Honor Code Academic Hearings For Cheating Or Plagiarism


A previous video discussed what an academic integrity or honor code hearing is. In this video, Richard Asselta is going to discuss the importance of bringing an adviser to the hearing.

What is an adviser for academic integrity and honor code hearings?

An adviser sits in with the student during the hearing and assists them in presenting their defense.

Can I bring an adviser to my university honor code hearing?

Maybe. That depends on your university. Check your student handbook for the rules regarding advisers. Most public schools allow advisers but private schools can restrict the attendance of an adviser.

How can an honor code hearing adviser help me?

Richard Asselta sees several benefits to the participation of an adviser in an academic integrity hearing. He helps students prepare for the hearing, present their case, and support them during the hearing. Mr. Asselta, defense attorney for students, acts as an adviser for students who must face an academic integrity committee hearing. Do you need an adviser for an honor code hearing? Call Asselta Law P.A. today for help. The firm offers free consultations. 855-338-5299