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Can you apply for a Florida teaching certification with a criminal conviction? A lawyer discusses.

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As a Florida educator defense attorney, I help teachers and administrators defend against actions taken by the Florida Department of Education against their teaching certificates. I fight to make sure my clients do not get suspended or worse.

I also help those who have applied for a Florida teaching certificate help secure their certification. One of the most common obstacles is when the person might have a past criminal record.

Can I still get a Florida Department of Education certification if I have a criminal conviction?

I routinely get calls from people saying that they applied for their certificates, disclosed a past criminal infraction, and were granted a temporary teaching certificate. Then, months later, they receive a document from the Florida Department of Education called a “Notice of Reasons.” This document then tells the prospective teacher that they have been denied a permanent teaching certificate because of their past criminal issue.

I have been able to help teachers secure a path to still get their teaching certificate in Florida under these circumstances. This requires an attorney who understands the process and who has a track record of working with the Florida Department of Education. If you receive a denial, it is important to reach out to someone with experience right away and before the teacher tries to submit paperwork without consulting with an experienced attorney.

If you find yourself in this situation, please feel free to call me today for a free consultation (855) 338-5299.

Richard Asselta is a defense lawyer who represents teachers and administrators throughout the state of Florida.

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