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Accused of looking at another students paper? A student defense attorney discusses.

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As a college disciplinary student defense attorney, I have had the opportunity to review many different college and university codes of conduct. Although there are many different forms of academic misconduct, one of the strangest and hardest charges is that of “looking at another student’s exam.” While this is not a common charge, I have seen it at several major universities.

The charge is essentially that a student was alleged to have “looked” at another student’s exam. Not necessarily that the student copied anything or even tried to copy, only that the student looked. This is a very difficult charge to defend against since it is so broad and general. It usually falls under the category of cheating.

How can a student protect themselves against an accusation of looking at someone else's paper?

Here are some tips to protect yourself from such a charge or try to defend yourself:

1. Read your handbook to see if your college has this charge.

Read your handbook to see if this is even a charge. If it is, be especially careful during exams not to accidently look over at your neighbor’s paper, even innocently.

2. Be aware of your surroundings.

If your school does have this infraction, make a real effort to keep your eyes forward. Even innocent eye movements could be misconstrued.

3. Sit spaced apart.

If possible, try to sit with at least one seat/desk between you and the next student.

Can you help me if I am charged with looking at another’s student’s paper?

Yes. I have assisted students with this charge and many others. Having a lawyer help you formulate your defense gives you a big advantage. Call today for a free consultation (855) 338-5299.

Richard Asselta is a student defense lawyer who fights for students facing academic integrity and honor code violations throughout the United States.

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