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Considerations Before You Respond To Cheating Allegations

Last updated on May 6, 2024

If accused of cheating in college, you may feel pressured to resolve the issue quickly. Acting without first consulting an experienced education law attorney can complicate matters and hurt your defense. Before doing anything, here are three things to understand:

  1. Be careful about what you say or write to university staff – think before you speak. Does your defense make sense? Is there any other information you should use to support your position?
  2. Read your student handbook – look for the honor code of academic integrity section. This will outline the process you may face if a professor thinks you cheated.
  3. The university is not always your friend – anything you say or write in an attempt to make the situation go away may be used against you in an academic committee hearing.

University disciplinary proceedings are typically time-sensitive. It’s crucial to consult an experienced attorney who understands the process and can help prepare the best possible defense strategy.

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