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What happens at a university student hearing? A defense lawyer for students answers.

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What happens at a university committee hearing?

Students will face a panel of faculty, staff, and other students. They will be asked questions and will have the opportunity to present their side of the story.

Top two mistakes students make in academic or disciplinary hearings

  1. Students do not take the process seriously. They go into the hearing and figure that they can just explain what happened.
  2. Students do not prepare or do not prepare properly. Many times it is not the students fault when this happens. It is the universities. They tell students it is not a big deal or minimize the process. By the time the student realizes, it is too late.

These mistakes can cause a student to lose the hearing. I always recommend speaking with an attorney who is experienced in student hearings. I devote my practice to helping students build a defense to all types of academic and disciplinary issues. Using my skills as an attorney, I prepare students to make the best presentation possible.

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