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When does a college student need a lawyer?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019

Many students choose to attend college after high school graduation. Many see it as a direct path towards the career of their dreams. However, most students don’t realize that several things can derail this dream. Being accused of cheating, plagiarism, collaboration, and other academic or conduct code violations can cause a student to be suspended or expelled from their university. If a student faces a serious situation like this, they need a university disciplinary defense lawyer.

Defending Academic and Code of Conduct Violations

Being accused of violating the academic integrity policy or code of conduct can cause students to face severe sanctions. These sanctions can be serious, such as suspension or expulsion from school. A disciplinary defense attorney for students will work to defend these allegations. Creating a professional defense is important to protecting the investment you have made in your education.

Preparing Students for an Academic or Code of Conduct Committee Hearing

A suspension or expulsion attorney can prepare a student to face an academic or code of conduct hearing. These hearings require through preparation in order to be successful. When I work with students to prepare, I will write opening and closing statements, questions, witness lists and questions, and work to include or exclude evidence. I also can attend the hearing with the student as an adviser.

Writing Student Disciplinary Appeals

If a student is found responsible for an honor code or code of conduct violation, a student defense attorney can write your appeal. Many universities limit the categories that an appeal can be submitted under. A lawyer experienced with student disciplinary appeals can work to achieve the best possible outcome for a student.

Can you help me fight an academic or code of conduct violation in college?

Yes. I help students all over the country defend against academic integrity and code of conduct violations. Using my nearly twenty years as an attorney combined with a specialized knowledge of the university disciplinary process, I fight for students to achieve winning outcomes.

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