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Caught Cheating on University Wifi – A Student Defense Lawyer Discusses

| Jul 3, 2024

University Wi-Fi: a lifeline for students – But what about your privacy? Universities often store activities if you are logged onto their Wi-Fi. So, what can happen if you navigate away from your test browser to double check an answer? You could be caught for cheating.

Your Activity is Never Anonymous

University networks have sophisticated tools to monitor network activity. If you are logged in with your student information, your website activity is probably not private. This means that if there is suspicion of cheating, your clicks can be used against you.

Leaving Tabs Open While Taking An Exam That Could Refresh Might Lead To A False Claim of Cheating

It’s not unusual for students to cram and review right up until they enter a classroom to take an exam. You might have been reviewing information on other legitimate websites or looking at a Google Doc that you put together as a study guide. Sometimes students will leave these tabs open on their phone or tablet and then enter the exam room. If these tabs refresh or you are still logged in it could appear in the University’s Wi-Fi logs and seem as if you were accessing this information during the exam.

Canvas or Other Class Portal Logins

Students will also review information that the professor included within the class Canvas portal, or another type of classroom portal used by the school. Not only can this be picked up by the school’s Wi-Fi, but professors often check Canvas and other portals to see if the student was logged in and accessing information while the exam was underway.

Use University Wi-Fi Wisely: Your Online Activity May Be Tracked

University Wi-Fi is a lifesaver for research, projects, and staying connected. But universities can potentially track your online activity on their network. This could include websites you visit.

Empowering You Through Every Step: Student Academic Integrity Defense

Facing an academic misconduct accusation can be stressful and confusing. With over 25 years of legal experience, I specialize in supporting students navigate these situations.

Why Choose Asselta Law?

  • Student-Focused: I understand the importance of academic success and am dedicated to protecting your future.
  • Proven Track Record: My experience in student academic integrity defense has helped countless students achieve positive outcomes.
  • Strategic Guidance: I offer in-depth knowledge of university policies and the relevant processes, ensuring you receive informed and strategic representation.

Take Control of Your Education

Don’t let an academic integrity accusation derail your goals. Contact me today for a consultation. We can discuss your specific situation and develop a plan to:

  • Understand the Charges: We will break down the allegations against you and identify the best course of action.
  • Gather Evidence: I will guide you in gathering evidence to support your case and strengthen your defense.
  • Build a Strong Defense: Together, we will develop a compelling argument that protects your academic record and future opportunities.

Concerned about Wi-Fi Activity as Evidence?

If you are facing an academic misconduct hearing and believe your Wi-Fi activity may be used as evidence, give me a call. I have experience assisting students in similar situations.

Protecting your academic future is my priority.

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