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Accused of Cheating at a Private College? The Importance of a Student Defense Lawyer.

by | Mar 7, 2023

Many private schools limit the type of assistance a student can have if they are facing accusations of cheating or plagiarism. Private universities often limit who the student is allowed to attend meetings and hearings with. If this is the case, some students then think that hiring an attorney or advisor is a waste. I can assure you it is not and can be vital to a positive outcome.

What can you help with beside the college integrity hearing?

I have helped many students who attend private schools, including Ivy League schools. Even when an attorney cannot participate in meetings and the hearing, having an experienced student defense lawyer can help. For example, I help students review and analyze the evidence. I assist in gathering evidence that the student might want to submit. I draft for the student their opening statement, closing statement, and draft questions for potential witnesses. Most importantly, I analyze and prepare the student’s rebuttal to the University’s case. This includes making sure the student not only logically tells their story but responds to the University’s case and exploit weaknesses. The result of all of this is that the student walks into the hearing much better prepared to take on the University and gives them the best chance at success.

Learning what strategies work and do not work comes with experience. That is why my practice is devoted 100% to education law and student defense.

Can you help me if I am accused of an academic integrity violation like cheating or plagiarism?

Yes. I assist students in all phases of the student disciplinary process. If you are facing a cheating or plagiarism accusation, give me a call to discuss how I may be able to help.

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