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The top 3 reasons to have a skilled advisor for academic integrity violations. Advice from an education lawyer.

by | Sep 12, 2021

Over the past year, colleges and universities across the country have seen an enormous increase in cheating. As a result, many students, even those who did not cheat, are becoming swept up in what seems like hysteria to accuse students of cheating. The consequences of being found responsible for an academic integrity matter can vary greatly.

Top 3 reasons to have a skilled advisor for academic integrity violations.

  1. No matter what the sanction, it would be something that the student would be required to disclose on an application to graduate school.
  2. It could cause damage to the student’s GPA.
  3. Depending on the severity of the accusations, a student could face suspension or expulsion.

Thankfully, most colleges and universities allow students to be assisted by advisors. Further, many schools allow those advisors to be attorneys. Areas in which having an attorney advisor brings an advantage include:

  • Your lawyer should be skilled at evaluating the evidence and should be able to give you a realistic view of the case. He or she can help the student focus on both the weak and strong points of the case to make a more effective presentation.
  • A skilled and experienced academic integrity attorney can prepare a student’s opening statement, the student’s presentation before the honor hearing board, and prepare the student’s closing statement.
  • An advisor should also be able to assist the student in crafting questions for cross-examination and be able to prepare the student client for likely questions from the hearing board or panel.

Are all lawyers who claim they practice education law the same?

No. While having an attorney can be an advantage, not all attorneys have the skill and knowledge needed for these types of matters. An academic integrity case is not the same thing as a litigation case or even a criminal case. There are very particular sets of rules and many times attorneys who are not experienced fail to understand these rules and fail adapt to these new procedures. Second, attorneys who do not solely practice education law do not have the knowledge and experience that comes from exclusively handling these types of cases.

My entire practice is devoted to education matters and defending students accused of academic misconduct, disciplinary issues, and Title IX matters. I have assisted hundreds of students all across the country and bring that vast level of knowledge and experience to my clients.

Can you help me defend my allegation of cheating?

Yes, I help students across the country defend themselves against disciplinary action in college and can act as their advisor.

Call today for help defending an academic integrity violation at school. 855-338-5299

Richard Asselta is a defense lawyer for students facing academic integrity violations throughout the United States.