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I Cheated in School and Was Caught – What Can I Do Now?

by | Sep 7, 2021

Several times a week, I get phone calls from students letting me know that they made a mistake and broke their school’s honor code by committing an academic integrity violation. Some schools, like many of the Ivy League schools, still make students appear before hearing panels, even though they have taken responsibility. Some schools have separate sanctioning hearings for students.

What can I do if I was caught cheating in school?

Students and their parents ask me if there is anything at this point that can be done or would someone like myself be able to assist the student. The answer is yes. While the student should be commended for taking responsibility, a more thoughtful presentation before a panel is more often needed when trying to get the best possible sanction or to avoid a suspension.

Should I hire a student defense lawyer?

Yes. There is an absolute benefit to having someone on your side who is an expert in these processes. I use my skills and experience that only comes from helping hundreds of students give presentations before panels and boards arguing for a lesser sanction. There are things that panels want to hear about from students and respond favorably to. Likewise, there are things that panels do not respond well to and often times are not moved by what the student has to say. Although the student usually has the ability to appeal a decision regarding sanctions, the student’s best opportunity to come away with the best possible sanction is at that initial hearing. Either way, having a student defense lawyer involved in whatever stage you are at is important.

Can you help me defend my allegation of cheating?

Yes, I help students across the country defend themselves against disciplinary action in college. Call today for help defending an honor code violation at school. 855-338-5299

Richard Asselta is a student defense lawyer who assists students facing academic integrity violations throughout the United States.