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Tips for writing an honor code violation appeal from a lawyer for students.

University students make mistakes and can be charged with an honor code violation. If you are found responsible for a violation, you can face suspension, dismissal, or even expulsion from college. What should you do if you lose your honor code committee hearing? Appeal the decision.

What types of behavior is considered an honor code violation at college?


Glancing at the test of another student

Not keeping your eyes on your test or even glancing around the testing room

Having possession of your phone during an exam

Using notes or other study materials during a test

Collaboration or working with another student on an assignment


Forgetting to cite sources

Turning in someone else’s assignment as your own

Paying someone else write your paper or assignment

Self-plagiarism or submitting the same paper to two classes

Other Honor Code Violations

Possessing drugs

Violation of dorm rules

Having weapons (even BB guns) on campus

Drinking alcohol on school grounds

Accused of unprofessional behavior in a clinical or internship setting

Example of an honor code violation appeal

Unfortunately, there just is not a standard form that would apply. The situation that a student faces is unique and that means the formatting of each appeal is different. An honor code violation appeal must highlight policies the university failed to follow during the disciplinary process and hearing.

What should I argue in my student appeal?

You must make sure that you follow the appeal procedure specific to your university. Know the deadlines for filing an appeal. Also, many universities limit the issues a student can raise in an appeal. You must know those specific categories. If you don’t argue issues that fall into the specific categories, your appeal will be denied without consideration.

Can you help me write my student appeal?

Yes. Writing an honor code violation appeal can be difficult for students. When faced with a suspension, dismissal, or expulsion from college, objective thinking can be difficult. Too often I receive calls from college students who wrote their own appeals that failed to meet the college policy.

As an appeal lawyer for students, I possess specialized skills that not all attorneys have. I spot for facts and make arguments that fit the limited appeal categories. This is a task not suited for everyone. Writing a winning student appeal takes an attorney with extensive experience.

Can you help all college students that need a college suspension appeal?

Yes. I work with students all over the country who are facing discipline in college.

Call today for a free consultation.

Richard Asselta is an award-winning attorney who students. Call today to avoid a suspension, dismissal, or expulsion from your university. (855) 338-5299

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