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Is a professor accusing you of collaboration on a test or assignment? Defense tips from an attorney for college students.

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018

You were given a take home test or assignment to complete for your course. Then you met with some friends for a study group and discussed some of the test questions or asked for feedback on your assignment. You feel confident in your work, so you submit it to your professor. Suddenly, you receive an email from the professor or academic integrity office asking to meet. You are being accused of collaborating with other students. What should you do? Read on for tips from a defense attorney for university students.

What is Collaboration?

Students are often taught to use all available resources to do put forth the best work possible. This means that they form study groups, use online resources like google docs to discuss class notes, and even help edit each other’s work. However, if the professor did not tell you that you could get help from other students, this can be considered collaboration.

The professor never said I couldn’t work with other people or use other sources of help.

This is a common complaint of many students who call me. Unfortunately, most professors take the position that collaboration is never allowed unless they specifically tell you to work with others. Some professors will even put a line in their syllabus that discusses their position on working with others, but students rarely notice the disclaimer in a multi-page document.

How do you defend an honor code violation of collaboration?

How you should defend your case depends on the specific details. Each student I have worked with has had different circumstances. The strategy to a successful academic integrity defense is unique to you.

Can you help me defend a charge of collaboration at my university?

Yes. I help students all over the United States defend against charges of collaboration. My nearly two decades of legal experience, combined with a unique knowledge of the student disciplinary process, helps students gain successful outcomes. I also attend hearings as an adviser to support students during the academic integrity panel hearing process. This can be a stressful event for students accused of collaboration or any type of academic violation. The presence of an adviser with my background supports the students to make the best possible presentation and keeps the academic panel hearing fair.

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