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What should Harvard students know about the Honor Code? An attorney answers.

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2018

Harvard University is a private school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Admission standards are high, and students work hard for an acceptance letter. The pressure of a rigorous environment can cause students to make poor decisions. Facing an Honor Code violation at Harvard is serious. What should a Harvard student do if they face an honor code violation? An attorney for student’s answers.

What is considered a violation of the Harvard Honor Code?

  • Cheating on an exam
  • Plagiarizing sources for a paper or report
  • Unauthorized Collaboration with other students
  • Self-plagiarism or submitting the same work to two courses
  • Using an electronic device like smart watch, cheating calculator, or cell phone to receive to transmit test information
  • Studying from a professor’s old tests, lab reports, study guides, or friends notes
  • Buying or selling papers, lab reports, study guides, test banks or old exams online or to other students

How will a Harvard student know they violated the Honor Code?

The Honor Code requires both faculty and students to report possible violations to the Honor Council. Once the report is received, an initial meeting is scheduled with the student. At this initial meeting, the student should receive the details of the alleged academic dishonesty. All matters go before the Honor Council. Students have the option of appearing in person or simply relying on their written statement.

What happens at the Harvard Honor Council hearing?

If a student chooses to appear before the council, which I highly recommend they do, they will have an opportunity to explain the situation in person. Although sitting before a panel can be intimidating for students, there is great benefit in being able to give details of the allegation and answer any possible questions in person. Appearing in person also gives the Council a sense of who the student is and that there is a real person who will be impacted by the Council’s decision.

What types of discipline can a Harvard student face if they are found responsible for an Honor Code violation?

The sanctions range from a warning, changing a student’s status to not in good standing, referral for local sanctions, exclusion from a course, probation and expulsion or requirement to withdraw. Sanctions can affect a student’s ability to register in classes, study abroad, and even receive a degree.

How do I appeal a guilty finding from the Harvard Honor Council?

You can appeal the Honor Council’s decision for limited reasons. This is typical of all universities. Harvard allows an appeal for new relevant information, an evidence or procedural error, or the sanction is inconsistent or inappropriate. These limited appeal categories show that the best chance at fighting an Honor Code violation is during the investigation and at the Honor Council hearing.

Can you help me fight my Honor Code charge at Harvard?

Yes. I have helped many students at Ivy League universities throughout the United States successfully defend accusations of academic dishonesty. My nearly two decades of legal experience combined with specialized knowledge of the academic integrity process gives Harvard students the best chance at success.

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