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Caught selling college course materials? Advice from a student defense attorney.

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018

In college, the goal is to graduate with the best grades possible. This often leads to students doing whatever they can to gain an edge when studying or writing papers. You put in hard work and scored well in classes. Your friends notice this and start asking to use your old notes, papers, lab reports, and exams to study from. They even offer to pay you. Being a college kid, extra money is always welcomed. Can your college find out if you sell your notes, papers, study guides, or exams and tests? Read on for the answer from an attorney for college students.

Can my university tell if I sell my old exams, notes, lab reports or more?

Yes. I have worked directly with students that have been caught selling their materials in-person and to online sources like Course Hero. How do they find out? It depends. Some students are reported by other students who hear or see someone studying from past semester materials. Getting caught selling materials online could also start with an allegation by another student, but most often professors can tell by distinct questions or responses in the material, who may have uploaded the documents.

Is selling my old class materials a violation of the academic integrity code of my university?

Yes. At many universities, selling course materials is outlined as a violation of the academic honor code. Even if it is not specifically mentioned as a violation, it is considered a violation and may fall under a broader category.

What happens if I am caught selling my old college course materials?

Depending on the university you attend, if you sold your class materials, you will be facing the procedure for an academic conduct code violation. You will have an opportunity to defend yourself against the charges. It may be in a meeting with the professor and Dean or in front of an academic integrity committee. The process is outlined in your university student handbook.

What can happen if I am found responsible for selling my class papers, notes and other materials?

You will be given a punishment or disciplinary sanction by your school. That may range from a warning up to expulsion from your university.

Can I appeal my academic disciplinary sanction?

Yes. Most schools allow students who are found responsible for a code of conduct violation to appeal the punishment. The time frame on how quickly it must be written, what issues you are allowed to argue, and who the appeal is sent to should be located in your handbook.

Can you help me defend against the academic conduct code violation?

Yes. I offer academic disciplinary advising services to university students throughout the United States. Using my nearly twenty years of legal experience combined with a specialized knowledge of the academic integrity process, I assist students to gain winning outcomes.

Can you help me appeal a disciplinary sanction if I lose my academic hearing?

Yes. As a skilled appeal attorney, I use my legal skills to compose well-written and convincing academic student appeals.

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