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College Disciplinary and Academic Hearing Help

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017

College Disciplinary and Academic Hearing Help

College and University students can face several issues like cheating, plagiarism and other violations of the student code of conduct. Violations like these can lead to formal charges against the student.The student is then faced with defending themselves against the allegations in front of a panel of peers and school staff. While some students can achieve success, many do not. Why? Because students tend to focus on the wrong issues.What makes the strongest defense is identifying violations of school process along with a strong presentation of evidence and cross examination of witnesses. Does this sound like a court hearing? Yes it does. That is because these university and college hearings often follow the same format as a court of law. This format is overwhelming to students and is often where they fail at making their best presentation.

How can students prepare for a College or University Disciplinary Hearing?

I strongly recommend consulting with an education lawyer who specializes in college or university disciplinary hearings.While many students may choose to represent themselves, I caution them that student hearing and appeal procedures are very limited. This means you may only get one chance at a hearing, and an appeal of the decision from the hearing could be limited to only a few issues. Getting an experienced college disciplinary hearing lawyer involved early can save a student from being suspended or expelled.Richard Asselta, award-winning education lawyer, offers defense services to students all over the United States. With nearly 20 years experience and a specialization in education law, Richard knows what it takes to get clients results. Richard has successfully guided students to defend against accusations of all types of higher education violations, avoiding suspension and expulsion from school.

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Richard has had significant success in the numerous student conduct committee hearings and appeals he has assisted in. Several cases Richard has advised on involving academic dishonesty have been overturned and the students avoided discipline.University hearings are unique and each school has its own student driven process. These disciplinary processes are extremely time sensitive. It is important to have an experienced professional who understands the procedures and best defense approaches to take. This may be your only shot at a defense. Don’t be dismissed or suspended from school.Attorney Richard Asselta draws on his nearly 20 years of experience as a trial and appellate attorney to assist you in your college hearing or appeal throughout the United States. Call or fill out a contact request and speak to Richard Asselta today for a free consultation and find out how he will fight for your future. 855-338-5299Click here to read what client’s are saying about Richard on Avvo, a lawyer review website.