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Facing academic dismissal? Advice from an attorney for college students.

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018

You were accepted into college and excited for the possibilities of a bright future built on a great education. However, you found some classes difficult and the transition wasn’t as smooth as you had hoped. Your course grades were lower than expected and now you are facing an academic dismissal from college. What should a student do if faced with academic dismissal? Read on for tips from a lawyer for college students.

What is an academic dismissal from college?

Academic dismissals happen when students grade point average (GPA) is too low or receive too many C’s within their program. Dismissal guidelines can vary and are defined differently depending on the university. You may also be academically dismissed if you do not maintain enough credit hours per semester or drop too many classes at once.

Can a student appeal an academic dismissal?

Yes. Students must review their student handbook and locate the appeal procedure. Take special note of time limitations. Most appeals must be submitted within a certain timeframe after a student receives formal notification of the dismissal.

What should I argue in my academic dismissal appeal?

Academic dismissal appeals should include information about any circumstances that could have impacted your academic performance. Things like caring for a loved one, death in the family, illnesses, or any other extraordinary situation. You should also include how you intend on changing your academic performance if you were to get a second chance.

What can an academic dismissal appeal lawyer do to help?

Having a lawyer write an academic appeal can give a student facing dismissal a successful edge. Appeal writing is a specialized skill. Fact spotting, argument formatting, along with clear, convincing and concise writing can make all the difference.

Can you help all college students that need an academic appeal?

Yes. I write academic dismissal appeals for students all over the country. Having an attorney help you write your dismissal appeal gives you a big advantage. A lawyer with student appeal experience will have expertise to create and write arguments to put the student in the best position for success.

Your appeal is the last chance you get fighting an academic dismissal. Make it your best.

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