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Do I need a school expulsion attorney? Yes. Click to read why.

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018

Being expelled from school is serious. It can ruin your chances of success in the future. What can you do to fight an expulsion from a public school? Read on for the answer from a school expulsion attorney. For information regarding college expulsion defense click here. For private school expulsion help click here.

The school has suspended my child and recommended expulsion. What is next?

Once a child is suspended, the school must hold some type of expulsion hearing. This is a time limited process that must occur within the 10 days of the initial suspension.

What happens at the expulsion hearing?

This is where evidence to support the expulsion will be presented by the school district. The principal, vice-principal, or other administrative staff and teachers can also be present. All evidence including witness statements, videos, and even testimony will be considered.

Can I present my own evidence at a pre-expulsion hearing?

Yes. You must present evidence to fight the expulsion from school. When I work with a student and their family to fight an expulsion, I always start by requesting the expulsion packet or evidence that will be used by the district at the pre-expulsion hearing. The only way to fight the expulsion properly is to know what evidence the other side has against the student. The best way to win against an expulsion hearing is to discredit the evidence.

Can I bring a school expulsion attorney with me to the pre-expulsion hearing?

Yes. I strongly suggest bringing a school expulsion lawyer with you. Not only should they attend the hearing, but they should work hard behind the scenes prior to the hearing to present the best possible case. An experienced school expulsion attorney will request records, prepare statements, refute evidence, and create arguments to present at the hearing.Call me today for a free consultation. Remember – the school expulsion process is time limited meaning you only have a few days to build your defense. Act quickly to avoid being expelled from school.Richard Asselta is an award-winning school expulsion attorney with experience defending students in pre-expulsion hearings and appealing school expulsions. Click here to read about how to appeal a school expulsion. Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard on AVVO, a lawyer review website.