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Students facing a level IV offense and/or expulsion from school

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2016

What can a parent do when their student is facing a level IV offense and/or expulsion from school?

One of the worst things words you could hear is that your child is facing expulsion from school from his or her public elementary, middle, or high school. In Florida, what this typically means is that your child will be removed from a regular school and forced to attend an alternative school. These schools are normally reserved for students with severe disciplinary records. Further, these schools do not offer the types of curriculum that regular schools offer. In short, alternative schools are no place for the typical student who made a one-time mistake.Many times what lands students facing an expulsion is committing or being accused of committing what many school district’s term a “Level IV Offense.” These type of offenses are the most serious and can include weapons offenses, drug offenses and sexual offenses. One thing that parents should be aware of – thinking that withdrawing your son or daughter and home schooling them will not work. Your child will not be allowed to attend public school again, in any Florida county, until they serve their expulsion.If your child is accused of a level IV offense and is facing possible expulsion it is very important that you contact an education attorney as soon as possible. Many times there are tight time limits placed upon the student and their parents; typically ten days. It can be an overwhelming thing to face.I am happy to say that there have been many situations when parents have gotten me involved right away and I have been able to get the expulsion portion of the punishment removed fairly quickly. This takes quick action and being able to make effective and persuasive arguments to the school district. Many times, knowing the right kind of pressure to put on the school and the district is enough to get them to back down.If the District will not remove the expulsion either voluntarily or through negotiation, a hearing is afforded. Again, having an experienced attorney assist you can make a big difference in whether or not your child is expelled.Richard Asselta of Asselta Lawis an award-winning education and school lawyer representing students in all school settings – K-12, public schools, private schools and colleges. Call today for a free consultation regarding your education and school law case. (855) EDU-LAWYER