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You’ve Been Accused of Using AI: Is It Possible To Fight an AI Accusation in College?

by | Jul 1, 2024

With the advances and proliferation of AI, it is not surprising that many college and university students are being accused by their professors of using AI to write papers, assignments, essays, and is even being used on exams. Many times, the professor’s claims are based on nothing more than an online AI Checker claiming that the submission was “likely written by AI.” Is it possible to successfully defend against these types of accusations? Yes, it is, but like most things, the facts of your case are most important. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some helpful tips:

Stay Calm And Resist The Urge To Speak Without Thinking.

Accusations are stressful, but panicking clouds judgment.

If you received an email from a professor accusing you of using AI, replying right away is not always the right move. Think a bit before you respond, review what you intend to send. Did you say more than you had to? Do you have to say anything at all?

Remember, the burden of proof is usually the professors or your school, not yours.

Educate Yourself.

Familiarize yourself with your university’s plagiarism policy and AI writing guidelines. Also look at your instructor’s syllabus or assignment instructions to see what, if anything, is said about AI. 

Gather Your Supporting Evidence.

Start gathering, or at least thinking, about evidence that would prove your innocence or at least cast doubt on the professor’s claims. Evidence might include:

  • Draft History: Version control features in writing software (like Google Docs) show your edits and thought process over time.
  • Research Notes: Did you meticulously hand-write notes or compile citations?
  • Original Sources: Highlight passages that directly reference books or credible websites you used.

Fighting an AI writing accusation can stressful, but with a clear approach and creative thinking, it is not impossible.  Although the use of AI is a new type of violation that students are now facing, I have worked with students to achieve positive results.

Can you help me defend against the accusation of using AI in college? 

Yes – I have worked with students faced with this very issue.

Call today for a consultation.

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