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The Dangers of Exaggeration on a College or Graduate School Application. A Defense Lawyer for Students Discusses.

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2019

Acceptance into college or graduate schools is becoming increasingly competitive. Schools must sort through thousands of applicants, many of which are impressive. Students may feel they need a competitive edge so they either exaggerate on an application or leave off something. What happens if the student is then accepted but later the school discovers the misrepresentation?

What punishment could I face for lying on a college application?

I have had several students explain to me that they exaggerated or lied on their college or graduate school applications. Many times, the result is severe, dismissal from the school. I have seen this occur even when the misrepresentation is nothing than a mere oversight by the student.

Will I have an opportunity to defend myself?

In most cases, a school will give the student some opportunity to explain themselves. However, this process may not be as detailed or involved as the regular disciplinary process. It is important for students who get this opportunity to think carefully about their defense.

Is there a chance the college will let me stay if they find out I exaggerated on a college application?

That depends on the school. They may consider how egregious the lie is, along with other factors. If the university decides to take disciplinary action, you could face sanctions including dismissal from the university or even revocation of a degree if the student has already graduated. Schools consider misrepresentations on an application as a very serious offense and the consequences students face reflect that philosophy.

Can you defend me?

Yes. I assist students nationwide facing all types of college disciplinary issues. My expertise in the university code of conduct and academic integrity process gives each student the best chance for success. Richard Asselta is a defense attorney who fights for students facing academic integrity and honor code violations throughout the United States. Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.