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What questions will I be asked at a school expulsion hearing?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019

For K-12 expulsion information, click here.You worked hard to get acceptance to your university. So, facing a suspension or expulsion from school is scary. Will loans start asking for repayment? Where will you live if you were in a dorm? Will another college accept you? These are questions students may ask themselves when facing a suspension or expulsion from school. How can you fight an expulsion from college? Be prepared. Here are some tips:

What questions will I be asked at the student disciplinary hearing?

The answer depends on your charges. Make sure you have the evidence used against you prior to the hearing. This will help in building your defense.Some common disciplinary charges and academic panel questions are: Plagiarism – You will have to come up with a defense regarding missing or faulty citations. The disciplinary committee may ask you questions about the assignment, your work, and if you asked for help with citations. Cheating – Did you cheat? If so, was this the first time you cheated? Why did you cheat? Also, be prepared to defend the seriousness of the allegation. If you went to great lengths to cheat, the academic integrity panel may bring up the egregiousness of the honor code violation.

What else can I expect to happen during a disciplinary committee hearing?

You will have the chance to present your evidence and the school will present its evidence. The evidence may include witness statements, witness testimony, text messages, papers, similarity reports, TA statements and more.You should be prepared to present as much evidence that you can to prove your innocence or make a case for a sanction less than expulsion.

Can I appeal a suspension or expulsion from school?

Yes. Most schools allow students who are found responsible of a disciplinary charge to appeal the punishment. The time frame on how quickly it must be written, what issues you are allowed to argue, and who it is sent to is in your student handbook.

Can you help me defend against the academic conduct code violation?

Yes. I offer student disciplinary advising services throughout the United States. Using my nearly twenty years of legal experience combined with a specialized knowledge of the student disciplinary process, I assist students to gain winning outcomes.

Can you help me appeal a disciplinary sanction?

Yes. As an experienced appellate attorney, I use my skills to compose well-written and convincing student disciplinary appeals.

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