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What happens if your college finds out you were arrested? The answer from a defense attorney for students.

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019

You were having fun over break or during the summer and things got out of hand. You ended up getting arrested. What will happen if your university finds out? The answer from a defense attorney for college students.

Will my college find out that I was arrested?

If you are arrested during a break or off-campus you may be obligated to self-report that arrest to the school, depending on the code of conduct.

What will a university do if they find out I was arrested?

That depends on the student code of conduct. In many college handbooks there is language that speaks to the students expected behavior both on and off campus. An arrest may qualify as a violation of the student code of conduct with a potential sanction of expulsion.

How do I know if I am going to be expelled from school because of an arrest?

Students may first receive a notification that they are suspended from classes pending a conduct hearing. If conduct hearing committee determines that an expulsion is appropriate, the university will notify the student in writing.

What should I do to prepare for a conduct hearing?

The defense strategy is unique to the code of conduct violation and evidence. A lot of preparation should go into an expulsion hearing defense. I often start with reviewing records, fighting to include or exclude evidence, and writing opening and closing statements along with the arguments against expulsion.

Recommendations from an experienced university expulsion lawyer

Hire an experienced college disciplinary attorney immediately

Expulsion is a time limited process. An experienced attorney may be able to put you in a more successful position if they are involved early on.

Bring an experienced student defense attorney to the expulsion hearing

University conduct hearings can be unfairly stacked against students. If an attorney is present, the college may follow their own procedures more closely.An experienced college expulsion attorney can also help you craft the best defense possible, make sure that that the school follows its policies and procedures, make legal arguments and even negotiate on the student’s behalf.

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