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Accused of cheating or plagiarism after graduating. Can a university rescind your degree?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018

You worked hard for your degree and celebrated graduation. You move on to a career in your field and start to build a professional reputation. Suddenly, you are contacted by your university and accused of academic dishonesty. Years have passed since graduation, how is this possible? Read on for the answer from a defense attorney for students.

Can my university come back years later and accuse me of cheating or plagiarism after graduation?

That depends. Some colleges and universities handbooks state that academic integrity violations must be brought within a certain period of time. However most do not set time limits on academic dishonesty issues. In those cases, if your school receives information that indicates you may have violated the honor code, you can still face the academic integrity process.

I graduated and have been working in the field with my degree. Can my university take it back?

Yes. If your university believes that you committed an academic integrity violation, and there is no limit on when the university can bring charges, they can open an investigation into the incident. If during the academic hearing process, you are found responsible for cheating or plagiarism, they can rescind your degree.

I did not cheat or plagiarize; how can I defend myself?

The process an alumnus will face is the same that a current student will face. There will be an investigation into the incident and committee hearing held. You must prepare your best defense to the allegations to protect your degree.

I had a dissertation committee for my doctorate. They never indicated any problems.

Students with a doctorate who relied on a dissertation committee may be able to use those members to help build a defense.

I am being accused of plagiarism years after my dissertation was completed. Can my university do that?

Yes. If the university received information that you earned a doctorate or other advanced degree by possibly cheating or plagiarizing, they can investigate. If there is merit to the allegation, they will charge you with an academic integrity violation. If you are charged with an honor code violation, you must defend yourself to prevent the school from rescinding or suspending your degree.

Can you help me stop the university from rescinding my degree?

Yes.I help students all over the country build successful academic integrity defenses.

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