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Are you a Florida teacher facing a certification sanction? Advice from a lawyer.

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018

Teachers work hard and do their best every day. However, mistakes happen and the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) takes accusations of professional misconduct seriously. You thought you could explain the situation to your school district and the FLDOE, but now you are facing a possible suspension or revocation of your teaching certification. What should you do? Read on for advice from an attorney for teacher professional misconduct.

How do I know that I am facing an investigation?

Most investigations or allegations of misconduct start at the district level. Teachers may face due process hearings, district suspensions, or even be reassigned when an allegation arises. Even if a teacher resigns their teaching position, the Department of Education can still conduct its own investigation and sanction your teaching certification.If a teacher is facing a district or FLDOE investigation, they will receive a notice in writing. An investigation at either level gives the teacher an opportunity to defend themselves. Defense preparation is very important.

The FLDOE wants to suspend or revoke my teaching certificate. How do I fight it?

The defense strategy depends on the misconduct allegations. Each situation and circumstances are different. I defend teachers in both district and FLDOE investigations, appeals, and administrative hearings.

How long does it take to fight the professional misconduct charges?

That depends. While it is frustrating to be suspended, reassigned, or even fired from a district with no other income opportunities, many factors contribute to how fast the Florida DOE processes an investigation of misconduct. I work with the FLDOE to resolve these issue as fast and as favorably as possible.

Can you help me fight a teaching certification sanction?

Yes. I help all Florida teachers facing certification issues, including appeals and disciplinary action. Call me today for a free consultation and protect your professional future. Richard Asselta is an award-winning attorney who defends teachers throughout the state of Florida. Click here to read how he helps teachers with teaching certification discipline at the district and state levels, administrative DOE hearings, investigations, and denial appeals.Click here to read what client’s are saying about Richard on Avvo, an attorney review website.