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Accused of violating the Honor Code at Vanderbilt? Defense advice from a lawyer.

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018

Vanderbilt University located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a private university. Vanderbilt has built a reputation for academic excellence and selective acceptance. The pressures of a rigorous environment can cause students to make bad decisions. A violation of the Vanderbilt Honor Code is taken seriously. What should a student at Vanderbilt do if they are caught cheating, plagiarizing, or committing other violations of the Honor Code? Read on for the answer from a defense lawyer for students.

What are considered violations of the Vanderbilt Honor Code?

Some Honor Code violations include:

  • Giving or receiving unauthorized assistance
  • Plagiarism
  • Submitted the same work to two courses without authorization
  • Falsifying data or research results
  • Paying another student or website to complete an assignment or paper
  • Submitting work for regrading after altering its original form

How will a student at Vanderbilt know they violated were reported for violating the Honor Code?

The student will be contacted by an Honor Council investigator. They will meet with the student and inform them of the Honor Code charge(s) they are accused of. The investigator will take statements, collect documents and evidence, and then make a report to the Honor Council. The Honor Council will decide if the reported violation warrants a hearing and what type of hearing will be held.

What happens at a Vanderbilt Honor Council Hearing?

There are two types of hearings, small and full panel.A small panel hearing is reserved for students who wish to plead guilty to an Honor Code violation. This option is only available for student who have not had a previous violation.A full panel hearing is held for student who do not agree or wish to defend themselves against the accusations. At a full panel, the student must be prepared to present and question witnesses, make statements regarding evidence, and answer questions asked by the panel.

Can you serve as my adviser at my Vanderbilt Honor Council hearing?

No. Vanderbilt restricts advisers to just students or faculty of the university and further restricts those with any legal training.However, even though Vanderbilt restricts my participation in the Honor Council hearing, I can still work to thoroughly prepare a student. Students often fail to realize how prepared they must be for panel hearings. My preparation of statements, witness questioning, evidence presentation and more, gives students the best chance at a positive outcome.

What types of punishment can a Vanderbilt student get if they are found guilty of an Honor Code violation?

The Honor Council decides the sanction for a student. At Vanderbilt, there are a range of sanctions from a reprimand up to expulsion.

Can I appeal an Honor Code violation sanction from the Vanderbilt Honor Council?

Yes. After a student receives a decision from the Honor Council, they have until 5pm on the tenth calendar day to submit a written appeal. Students should also note that like many other universities, Vanderbilt restricts the grounds for appeal to just a few. They are:

  • Procedural irregularities
  • Insufficient information
  • New Information
  • Harshness of sanction

These limited appeal categories can be a challenge for students. I also write sanction appeals for students. Utilizing my skills as an appellate attorney, I have a keen eye for issue spotting and crafting persuasive arguments.

Can you help me fight my Honor Code violation at Vanderbilt?

Yes. I assist students throughout the United States to defend Honor Code violations. Using my nearly two decades of legal experience combined with unique knowledge of the student disciplinary process, I give Vanderbilt students the best chance at a successful result.

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Richard Asselta is an award-winning attorney who assists Vanderbilt students facing Honor Code violations. Call today to avoid suspension, dismissal or expulsion from Vanderbilt University. Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard on AVVO, an attorney review website.