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Accused of stealing another student’s work? Defense tips from a lawyer for college students.

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2018

College can be a competitive and challenging time for many students. The pressure to balance school and life responsibilities can be tough. This may cause some students to make bad decisions. What should you do if you are accused of stealing another student’s work? Read on for tips from a defense lawyer for students.

What is considered stealing another student’s work?

This depends on your university. Generally, taking something that is not yours is considered stealing. Some forms of honor code violations that may fall into this category are:

  • Taking digital copies of someone’s papers, lab reports, assignments, or tests and selling them to websites like Course Hero.
  • Physically stealing someone’s class notebook, lab book, or other personal class documents for your own benefit.
  • Taking ideas or portions of a paper or assignment and using it as your own – Also known as plagiarism.
  • Claiming research findings as your own when they were part of a team discovery.
  • Stealing another student’s assignment with the goal of sabotaging their grade.

How do you defend an honor code violation of stealing?

How you should defend a violation of your universities academic integrity code depends the details of the allegation. Each student I work with has different circumstances surrounding their situation. The strategy to a successful defense is unique to you.

Can you help me defend a charge of stealing at my university?

Yes. I help students all over the United States defend against charges of stealing. I use my legal experience, combined with a specialized understanding of the student disciplinary process, to assist students in achieving positive results.

I must face the honor committee. Can you come with me?

It depends on your university rules. I do attend panel hearings as an adviser. I help students during the hearing process and guide them through statements, questioning, and evidence presentation. The presence of an adviser with my background helps students make a solid defense presentation and keeps the conduct committee hearing fair.

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