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What happens if you are accused of violating the Academic Honesty Code at Auburn? A lawyer answers.

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018

Auburn University is a public school located in Auburn, Alabama. It boasts a large student body and competitive degree programs. The pressure of performing in a competitive environment can cause students to make mistakes. Being accused of a violation of the Auburn Academic Honesty Code is serious. What should an Auburn student do if they face a violation like cheating or plagiarism? Read on for the answer from a defense attorney for students.

What is a violation of the Auburn Academic Honesty Code?

How will an Auburn University student know they violated the Academic Honesty Code?

The Code requires that students are notified in writing of the charges and can request a meeting to attempt to resolve the issue with their professor directly. However, the professor must also be willing to participate in the Facilitated Meeting. The accused student does not have to participate in the Facilitated Meeting and instead, can choose to defend themselves in front of the Academic Honesty Committee.

What happens at an Auburn Academic Honesty Committee hearing?

This is often the best choice for a student who is accused of a violation like cheating or plagiarism. It gives the student the chance to address the Committee, to present their defense, and answer any questions the panel members may have. I work with students to prepare not only their defense, but also to anticipate questions from Committee members and to prepare questions for students to ask witnesses against them, such as the professor or other accuser.

Can you come with me to my Auburn Committee hearing?

Yes. Auburn allows the presence of an adviser. While the hearing procedure does not allow me to directly ask questions of witnesses or make statements on behalf of the student, the presence of an adviser keeps the hearing fair and gives the student the best chance at a successful outcome.

What types of punishment can an Auburn student face if are found in violation of the Academic Honesty Code?

The Academic Honesty Committee can recommend the following sanctions:

  • A zero on the assignment in question
  • An F in the course with a transcript notation
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

How do I appeal a sanction given by the Auburn Committee?

You have five class days to appeal the discipline once you receive a decision from the Committee. The appeal is the last chance a student has to fight an academic integrity charge at Auburn. Appeals are to be submitted in writing. I write appeals for students and find that the most successful appeals focus on procedural violations, not emotional pleas.

Can you help me fight my academic dishonesty charge at Auburn?

Yes. I have helped students at Auburn and throughout the United States successfully defend accusations of academic dishonesty like cheating and plagiarism. My nearly two decades of legal experience combined with specialized academic integrity experience gives Auburn students the best chance at success.

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