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Caught cheating or plagiarizing at FSU? Academic honor violation advice from an attorney for students.

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018

Florida State University is one of the largest universities in the state of Florida. Located in Tallahassee, it offers many degree programs that make it a desirable choice for students. Since it is a large university, students often strive to be at the top of their class. This can drive students to make a mistake. Academic honor code violations like cheating and plagiarism can lead to strict sanctions from FSU. What happens if an FSU student is facing an accusation of cheating or plagiarism? Read on for advice from an FSU student defense lawyer.

What is an academic honor code violation?

Also called academic integrity violations, these include some of the following:Cheating – This includes taking answers from another student’s test, using notes or your phone during an exam, using a professor’s old course materials, or finding the textbook test bank online to study from. Plagiarism – Most students do not intend to plagiarize, however, making a citation mistake is not a good defense. Rushing to turn in a paper and forgetting citing sources, paying for an assignment from an online source, using a friend’s old paper, or even submitting your own original work to two different courses can be considered plagiarism violation.

What happens if an FSU student is accused of an academic honor code violation?

FSU has an outline procedure that takes into consideration the students history of previous violations and seriousness of the offense. If it is the first time a student commits a violation, FSU allows the student to take responsibility and the professor recommends discipline. This discipline could be a grade reduction on an assignment up to an F in the course. If the student believes that they did not commit an academic violation, then they can dispute the allegation in front of a panel.If it is not the first time a student has been accused of cheating or plagiarism, then the process is immediately escalated to a hearing. The sanctions for a second offense range from a warning all the way up to a suspension or expulsion from FSU.

Can an FSU student hire an attorney to help defend against an academic honor code violation?

Yes. The university specifically allows the help of an adviser who can be an attorney. The role that an attorney adviser takes on depends on what kind of violation the student is accused of and the process the student faces. I have assisted numerous students through the academic integrity process. My decades of experience and knowledge can increase a student’s chance of success.

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