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Accused of a Conduct or Honor Code Violation at UF? Advice from an attorney for students.

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2018

The University of Florida is one of the largest colleges in the state of Florida. Located in Gainesville, it has many programs and offerings that attract students. Due to the large student body, it can be a competitive environment. Students striving to do their best may make mistakes. Honor code or conduct violations like cheating, plagiarism, drug possession or inappropriate behavior can lead to disciplinary action. What happens if a UF student is facing an honor code or conduct violation? Read on for advice from a UF student defense attorney.

What is an honor code violation?

Also called academic integrity violations, these include some of the following infractions:Cheating – This can include things like trying to look at another student’s test, using your phone search notes or look up test answers. Even using a friend’s old notes or tests can be considered cheating. Plagiarism – Often times plagiarism happens accidentally. However, carelessness is not a defense. Forgetting to cite sources, buying assignments online, using another students paper, or submitting your original work to two separate classes can all be considered plagiarism.

What is a conduct violation?

Conduct violations are typically considered behavior unbecoming of a UF student. Many colleges would agree that the following are a few behaviors that could be considered a violation of the code of conduct:

  • Possession or use of drugs
  • Having or using weapons
  • Drinking, serving, or selling alcohol on campus
  • Violating housing rules
  • Inappropriate behavior at an internship site

What happens if a UF student is accused of an honor code or conduct violation?

Honor code violations

UF has an outlined procedure that takes into consideration the students history and seriousness of the violation. If it is a students first offense, the code leaves the decision up to the professor. If the student accepts responsibility, the consequence ranges from a grade reduction all the way up to an F in the course. No suspension or expulsion. If it is not the students first offense or the student does not accept that they committed a violation, they will have an opportunity to present their case to a third party.UF students who have committed an honor code violation before must be careful as suspension or expulsion from the university may be a consequence.

Code of conduct violations

UF has a separate procedure that discusses how they determine the consequence of a code of conduct violation. Since the severity of the violation ranges, the consequences do as well.

Can a UF student hire an attorney to help with the honor code and code of conduct process?

Yes. The university specifically allows the help of an advisor. The role of the advisor depends on the nature of the violation and the process the student is going through.I help student’s through all steps of both the honor code and code of conduct process. This includes drafting emails for student records, identifying witnesses, fighting to include or exclude evidence, as well as attending and supporting students during hearings.

Call today and increase your chance of a successful defense.

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